Kevin Anderson seals 40th win of 2015 in style!

This week Kevin Anderson celebrates his debut in the top 10 in the world ranked at number 10 and the big serving South African sealed his first win of the week and his 40th win of 2015 in style.

Kevin played against former top 10 player in Tommy Haas currently down at 467 in the world after injury issues this year but the 37 year old is back on the rise and showed against Kevin he can get back to top 50 in my opinion but Kevin was just too good today.

I think sometimes the big serves on the tour get a bit of a bad name by fans as they see them just as players who produce ace after ace and it can be a little boring but Kevin certainly showed variation which makes him a top 10 player.

There are three aspects of Kevin’s game that stood out for me and they were the serve (obviously), forehand and net play.

The serve is probably the most effective on the tour. Kevin hit 21 aces and 2 double faults winning 94% of points won on his first serve today (34/36) and was so solid on the second serve.

With the forehand he hit the corners of the court really well. With the power on his serve even if you get a return on it like Haas did at times the likely hood is it’s a short slice return which Anderson will time perfectly and he hit 44 winners (21 aces) during the match and 12 of those winners were off the forehand. Sometimes after playing this forehand you do see Kevin at the net where he is so good!

Anderson has such a delicate touch at the net which was on show against Haas in Shanghai. 12/15 points won at the net is not bad at all. I think this is where he stands out a bit more than other big servers as I believe he is more superior at the net.

The only worry in his 6-3 7-5 win was that he seemed to hurt his shoulder at some point but hopefully it will be ok for the next round!

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