Fritz set for tough test against Ferrer in Miami

Tennis isn’t just about forehands and backhands but one major part of the game is the physical side. One player who puts in a hell of a shift is David Ferrer. Ferrer turns 34 in just over a week but he is still one of the fittest players on the tour which will be a tough ask for Taylor Fritz to get past in Miami.

Taylor Fritz has had a good breakthrough year on the tour so far making his first tour final in Memphis against Kei Nishikori and was unlucky to lose but now he faces probably his biggest challenge yet against David Ferrer in the Miami heat.

The conditions in Miami are quiet humid and hot and it’s a slow court you really do have to produce your own power and Fritz can and will have to do this as no-one wants to get stuck in a few 20+ shot rallies with Ferrer in these conditions!

This will be a different challenge for Fritz he would never have had a physical challenge quite like this before. He may get frustrated even some of the top players in sport do against him but you just got to keep going.

One of my favourite Miami matches was the final back in 2013 between Andy Murray and David Ferrer. The conditions that day were ridiculous, I was knackered just watching the match and you could see what it was taking out of the players but it brought the best out of them.

This is what you have to do in these conditions not crumble under them but bring your game and trouble your opponent if you play into their hands it will be a long match.

I’m interested to see this one. Fritz has the ability but does he right now have the fitness to take on one the tours most fierce competitors? I’m not too sure which is why I think David will win in straight sets!

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