Wimbledon 2016 Final Preview – Serena Williams v Angelique Kerber

For the first time at Wimbledon Angelique Kerber and Serena Williams will meet on the tour. These two have plenty of history against each other as Kerber defeated Williams to win her first Grand Slam title in Australia at the beginning of the season and for the second time this season they will battle in a major final.

Despite winning the Australian Open I have felt like Kerber’s run at this years championships has gone a little bit under the radar but she has played exceptionally well these last couple of rounds. On the other hand you have Serena and all eyes have been on her throughout the two weeks as she goes in search of that 22nd Grand Slam title and well her performance against Elena Vesnina in the semi-finals was pretty much faultless!

Serena’s serve especially the second serve has been a little bit questionable of late but you couldn’t pick a fault in her performance against Vesnina and if she can repeat that performance against Kerber then 22 looks possible. The only issue is Kerber is a very tough player to crack not just on a grass court but her style of play to be able to defend metre’s behind the baseline and produce some excellent winners makes her a big threat even when on the back foot.

This is a tough one to predict. Both these players have proved that you should never write them off, this is obviously a bigger match for Serena and I do hope she see’s it through to claim her third major of the year as Grand Slam final record of 0-3 for the year doesn’t sound too good!

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