Murray 6-3 6-4 Djokovic – Murray finishes the year as World Number One

The world watched and once again that man delivered. Andy Murray finishes 2016 as the world number one winning the ATP World Tour Finals in London for the first time after defeating Novak Djokovic in straight sets to secure his remarkable 24th win in a row.

Sometimes this sport does leave you lost for words. I can’t begin to describe how proud I am to see Murray once again making history, it is marvellous! Let’s look at some keys in the match.

Double trouble…

Murray began the match with a bit of difficulty. The nerves were there he was one win from making history again and to begin with two double faults is not the best way to begin proceedings but the world number one 😉 quickly found his feet and his serve.

Utilising the forehand

Before the match it was interesting to listen to Jamie Delgado speaking to the BBC saying that one thing Andy will be hoping to do is dictate play and open up that forehand from the middle of the court.

AM FH v ND.png

You can see from that centre of the court position Murray has multiple options going crosscourt and following it in but going into Novak’s backhand can be dangerous but what he did so well was pepper that forehand corner of the former world number one and continued going for it to force a short ball or an error from Djokovic hence why after the first 10 games Murray had won 34 baseline points compared to Djokovic’ 17.

Brick wall

Andy Murray pretty much camped behind the baseline from the first point of the match basically saying to Novak, come and have a go!


Not many people are better at defending and attacking from behind the baseline as is Andy Murray so he asked the questions of Novak and for the majority of the match the Brit had the answers to keep ahead and in control of the extended rallies. You can see how far behind the baseline he is, he doesn’t just play a magnificent shot and admire he moves on and get’s back in position as to defeat Novak like that is tough but Murray showed how to perfect it.

Little too late

The 5th game of the second set is where we started to see Novak turn up. Novak seemed to take his foot off the pedal and played a bit safer. It worked a little bit but at this point he was down 1-3 and then 1-4 before getting one of the breaks back for 3-4 but it wasn’t going to stop Murray on his way to winning the World Tour Finals for the very first time!

Screenshots credit to SkySports

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