Raonic must get better on big points if he is to go from a contender to a winner!

Against the very best in the world taking chances on big points is crucial. In my review of Novak Djokovic v Milos Raonic I picked out multiple numbers of big points during the match that Raonic missed and in these big matches against Andy and Novak at the O2 last week if you don’t take them you are in trouble and stand no chance.


Look at the example above, who is under pressure right now? Scoreboard pressure it is Andy Murray but being in a position like this for Andy asking him to come up with a stunning passing shot is his bread and butter, he’s the best at it and you could almost sense the pressure on Milos hence the quick decision to go to the net. Footwork wise he is set to cover either side but against a tricky Murray he can pass down the line, flick the forehand and even lob, the options are endless and nine times out of ten there is just one result.


Another example down break point against Murray, you go slow into the backhand of the Brit and you can see there is no anticipation from Raonic for the backhand up the line, he looks set for the volley but that’s only likely if you go into the backhand with power and force the slice from Murray who sees this unanticipated approach to the net from Milos and picks a stunner down the line!

He had match point against Andy and wasted it, he was up a set and a break and wasted it and set point down to Djokovic he double faulted!

Winning these could have won him the tournament, this is the next level for Milos if he is going to go on and win majors. Big points win big prizes!

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