Former world number one Ana Ivanovic calls time on her career!

Just a few days ago former world number one Ana Ivanovic announced her retirement from tennis. The 29 year old finished 2016 ranked at 63 in the world with a win/loss record of 15/16 in a season which saw her end the year without a title.

Back in 2008 at the age of just 21 Ana made it to the Australian Open final and quickly followed by winning the French Open and of course made it to the ranking of world number one at such a young age. Since that year it just didn’t happen again for Ana.

Quite incredibly after winning Roland Garros back in 2008 she took part in 34 Grand Slam events and in those 34 only made one semi-final appearance which was once again at Roland Garros in 2015 with last year being her worst performance at the four majors which just four years during the calendar year including two first round exits.

Back on the 14th of December Ana posted a picture to Twitter with the caption back in the office as she prepared for the new season which makes the retirement announcement even more surprising.

Ana took to Twitter to make her announcement where part of her statement read

“I can only play if I can perform up to my own high standards, and I can no longer do that. It is time to move on.”

Just a few days before the announcement it was announced that Ana had withdrawn from the ASB Classic in Auckland which has got under way over the New Year.

You probably won’t find a nicer and more down to earth person on the tour than Ana. You rarely saw her not smiling she achieved so much in her career and who knows what could have happened in 2017 but she has called it a day now.

One thing I am a big believer of sometimes in tennis and any sport you can have too much too soon. Things happened in sport you can’t stop that but after hitting a career high for a few players it has been tough to re-create success like this as Ana has shown but she’s always kept smiling and maybe there might be things she wishes she did differently but also she’s a proven role model for future players who can learn a lot from her.

The tour will miss her. She brought emotion, passion, smiles and laughs to the court. I’m sure we will see Ana back in the game at some point but I wish her well in the next chapter of her career! 

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