Dane’s defence too good for Bellis in Dubai

Sometimes in tennis you get taught a tough lesson and after her great win yesterday against Aga Radwanska the American teenager ran into a resilient Caroline Wozniacki playing her 9th match in 9 days across two tournaments which takes it out of most but not the Dane.

Caro held for the first game of the opening set but then Bellis found a bit of momentum and started hitting really strongly off the backhand which propelled her to a 3-1 lead against the Dane and then things started to fall apart.

Caro had a slow start yesterday and today but she knows what she needs to do and the defence went up and she grafted back into the set winning 5 games in a row to close it out to take a 6-3 lead before extending this to 4-0 playing with the style of come and break me down!


The Dane’s defence was pretty exceptional and the yellow highlighted area shows the area she had covered against the American who tried her best to break down Caro but couldn’t and from almost impossible positions on the court kept rallies going and broke down the attack of the young American.

Another thing looking at the graphic I put together was the lack of depth Caro got on shots majority of the time. I talk about aggressive and depth being important which it is but also being aggressive behind the baseline and not always needing to paint the lines is essential as a player like Wozniacki plants that seed of doubt by getting to those extra balls and it’s a tough lesson to come up against a player who just nullifies any attack who has achieved so much and learnt so much in her career.


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