Federer 6-2 6-3 Nadal – From the marathon in Melbourne to the sprint in California

Sometimes in sport you just have to sit there and say “too good”. After their marathon in Melbourne no one really expected a quick walk in the desert but that’s what we got as Federer strolled past the Spaniard to record his third win in a row against Nadal which is something he had never done before.

No time!

Nadal has been so dangerous this week in Indian Wells as he has had time, he’s played against players happy enough to sit on the baseline and compete for a certain amount of time but inevitably Nadal had been breaking down opponents with the work off the forehand and backhand but Federer took that time away from him and it began with the serve.

When Nadal goes for that big swinging serve there are two options to take the serve early before it bounces or wait, Federer went for it and with that serve into the ad court looking out-wide he instinctively just went for the backhand return which got excellent depth on the court and Federer quickly found himself in control.

Going forward

Next up it does get tougher. Nick Kyrgios played a beautiful game of tennis to defeat Novak Djokovic. It will be interesting to see how Federer adapts to the different service game of Kyrgios who smashing down ace after ace down the T as well as hitting second serve aces around 119mph!

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