Why has Wozniacki struggled in finals this year? Is a lack of anticipation part of the problem?

So far so good for Caroline Wozniacki but it could have been better. Caro is one of the form players on the tour this year getting back up to a ranking of 12 in the world but in the race to Singapore she is sat a number three with just Karolina Pliskova and Johanna Konta ahead of her with Sinagpore just under 200 days away.

Three finals isn’t bad at all but what you are judged on at the end of the day is how many of those finals have you won? For Caro she is yet to pick up a piece of silverware this season but why is that?

I watch a lot of Wozniacki’s matches on tour and have watched her over the years so many time and I like her never giving up/giving in style of play but somethings been missing in these finals and on too many big points I’d have to say she seems to be more of a spectator in these big points rather than that usual anticipation and skill you ususally see in her game and now I’m going to look at a couple of points from to finals this year.

Elina’s passing shot

Passing shots in the first set in Doha were too high for a player who is as smart as Wozniacki and covers the ground so well it should have been 1000 times better but credit to Elina as well let’s not forget who during the match gave herself that extra split second to make a brave, bold and subsequently a right decision!


Covering the court is Caroline Wozniacki’s bread and butter and a point she should have won. Looking at her body position she seems to be waiting for that backhand into body (blue line) and is set to play that close to the body volley over the net but doesn’t seem to think about that backhand passing shot and when she does react it’s too late and she went on to lose the set in that game.

Lessons weren’t learnt v Konta…

Wozniacki’s worst loss of the season to date based on games won was against Konta in Melbourne and from then to the Miami final lesson’s weren’t really learnt from the Dane who failed to upset the Brit’s rhythm from the baseline. This is Caroline Wozniacki who we are talking about who is usually so good at moving these baselines and making them run but she never asked questions and here is a point from the final in Miami which frustrated me.

2 c

Right now Caro is in this position due to a poor return. Now you can see above I’ve put together three options off this backhand from Caro. The cross court is unlikely, it would take perfect connection to rotate and hit such a low and dangerous shot is tough. The backhand down the line is on at this point but would need early contact on the ball but the shot that she played was down the middle which isn’t a bad idea but against Konta if you don’t get that depth in rallies you set yourself up for a difficult afternoon.

Time is something that Konta thrives on but Caro didn’t seem to anticipate it much at all and played into her strengths time and time again we saw too much of Konta lining up that forehand cross court or down the line and wasn’t under pressure.

Going forward?

Clay next for the Dane who will be hoping for some good results, she doesn’t have too many points to defend and conditions in Stuttgart in particular would favour her I believe!

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