Why Shapovalov will be the future star of Canadian tennis!

For some time Milos Raonic and Eugenie Bouchard were tipped as the leading stars in Canadian tennis but for one reason or another that has fallen flat. Over the last few months we have witnessed a new star on the scene and that is Denis Shapovalov.

At the age of 18 Denis has brought enthusiasm and energy to the tennis court. He first caught the attention of the public in Davis Cup when he got defaulted for hitting the ball in anger which then hit the umpire in the eye.

To Denis’ credit he has reacted well to what happened and does all his talking with his tennis.

His game is a unique one and being a left handed player opens himself up with a various number of shots. His favoured shot is the forehand which he bounces off and he can use down cross court to pull opponents about and down the line as seen below the cross court forehand helped him set up the forehand down the line.


Image Credit – Sky Sports

Unusually for a left handed player as well he does play with a one handed backhand and has the ability and confidence to go with it to pull off some stunning flat backhands but also when pushed to it we will see that two handed backhand so having variety on the backhand is unusual but effective.

Denis has that likable factor, he turns up and plays his game. The emotion is real and this is something I hope sticks and he is left to get on with his tennis without too much pressure put on him.

The win against Nadal in front of a home crowd in Montreal was special and more of those moments look to follow.


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