Laver Cup exceeded expectations and firmly belongs in Tennis!

Set up by a legend, two more became captains, Roger and Rafa arrived with friends and made a weekend to remember in Prague.

The Laver Cup in honour of Rod Laver with team world v team Europe led by John McEnroe and Bjorn Bjorg and many top players on the ATP tour fought out for the first of what looks like being many Laver Cups.

When it was announced I have to be honest I thought ‘another exhibition’. There is nothing wrong with exhibitions as some do great for various reasons but there are some pointless ones about but this exceeded all expectations and this tournament belongs in tennis.

It brought smiles, emotion, unity and more importantly fun! Tennis needs this for many reasons, it can advertise the sport more worldwide seeing the best, the legends and the uprising stars play together as a team excites fans.

Seeing Rafa and Roger play together, the captains get involved it’s what the sport is about. These guys are rivals and it was amazing to see them have a laugh but be competitive!

The venue for next year has been announced and it will be held in Chicago and it will be the hottest ticket in town!

Going forward this can do so well travelling the world with this tournament and is something I would like to see on the women’s side of the tour but we will have hope on that one but the exposure the tour would get would open minds and inspire and with this format it certainly can do it.

If we see players having fun we engage and we remember and that’s how it creates a legacy.


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