No.1 in rankings but No.1 in London?

Rafael Nadal has given all indication that he will be playing in London. The world number one posted on social media photos of himself practicing but he may be the number one in the world but in London I don’t think he will come out on top.

Nadal has never been strong on an indoor hard court especially a slow one. Federer has won their last four meetings on an hard court as well. The court in London is pretty slow and for his game and his body it doesn’t suit. It makes it difficult to create that top spin he looks for on the forehand and if anything makes the backhand a little bit more effective with it being a flatter shot.

Rafa’s forehand works perfectly on a clay court as he can generate pace and spin off the court making it difficult to defend against but on these courts that don’t give away much you won’t get away with it.

Hard courts whether indoor or outdoor are high bouncing and you have to be ruthless. We saw in Shanghai not too long ago when Rafa played Roger that once he is exposed on the forehand and plays a short shot Federer was ready to pounce into the gap as seen below.

RN FH Height 1

Image Credit – Sky Sports

If these finals were played on clay I’d no doubt in my mind that Rafa would win but he has never won the end of season finals and this with no Novak, Andy, Stan or Kei could be his best chance!

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