ATP World Tour Finals – Grigor Dimitrov v Dominic Thiem

Roll back 10 months to January when these two faced off in Brisbane. The Bulgarian won on that occasion and here’s why I think he will again.

Dominic Thiem has played too much once again this year. The Austrian has taken part in 28 tournaments in 9 months before arriving in London and is in a poor run of form winning 2 of his last 7 matches and hasn’t found any momentum or consistency since the clay court season.

For Dimitrov it has been a consistently good year. He was exceptional in the first few months winning titles but it did fizzle out but it never took a big effect on his tennis and adapted very well.

If I were to describe Thiem’s tennis then it would be nice. He does play some lovely shots but it’s more of an aesthetically pleasing tennis on the eye than an effective tennis and we’ve seen that this year and in Brisbane.

casual thiem

Image Credit – ATP / Brisbane

This shot above shouts one thing to me and that is casual. Down set point and Thiem is playing with a drop shot when a simple put away was on. Fast-forward five seconds and Dimitrov plays a backhand passing winner and you can see the dejection in Thiem’s body language below…

DT passed

Image Credit – ATP / Brisbane

His tennis is too nice and I think he can learn from Dimitrov who has battled very hard to get to London and lose that casual side of his game but still plays beautiful but effective tennis!


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