Chung 7-6 7-5 7-6 Djokovic – A masterclass against one of tennis’ masters!

Sometimes you watch a tennis match in dis-belief, sometimes you have to just say ‘too good’.

At times I felt like I was watching Djokovic from a couple of years ago when he was just irritatingly but brilliantly unstoppable and it was reminiscent of Novak. The shot making you just had to applaud it was brutal and he made the difficult look effortless.

The backhand down the line, cross court and that forehand pass which you can see below was magnificent (I’m running out of words to describe this performance)

chung fh

Image Credit – British Eurosport

The movement is what caught my attention the sliding on a hard court is something you can’t really teach and I remember Novak saying before he’s done skiing and Chung reminded me so much of it and to be as on the stretch as he was and to pull off some of these shots you can only applaud.

Novak did suffer issues during the match and did receive treatment on his elbow and foot with some blisters but to his credit he did get better as the match went on so I’m not too sure how much it bothered him but he made it competitive and I’m pleased he did!

I don’t actually like comparing players to another however I use this comparison of it was like watching Novak from a few years ago as a compliment as it is a compliment and even Chung himself said Novak is his idol and when he was growing up tried to copy him. The comparison’s won’t stop but you can say Chung has now fully announced himself to world tennis!


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