Simona Halep – a matter of when and not if she will win a Grand Slam!

Simona Halep has steel! This wasn’t always the case, the Romanian has always been a talented player but has sometimes lacked that mental steel in matches.

Frustration would sneak into her game and it’s one of the toughest things in tennis to get rid of but the easiest to affect your game and we saw that the ground strokes would break down but now Halep has that in her game and it’s a big credit to her.

Simona has been working with Darren Cahill for some time but they did have a split and before coming back to working together there must have been conversations about going forward things did get heated on the court and frustration was very visible.

I’ve always enjoyed watching Simona play tennis, her serve isn’t a big weapon but it still does the job. Her ground strokes and her movement are something to be admired. Watching her played the forehand and the angles she creates off it and the precision and steel behind her shots has improved so much!

I loved watching her in Melbourne and her performances so far this year are the best I have been from her in period of time. She saved multiple match points and fought hard with determination in matches even when things weren’t going her way and that is something where in the past it would have slipped away from her but she has that mental, physical and performance steel in her game now and despite not walking away with the title she will be back.


It may be three finals and three defeats for Halep in major finals now but she has improved a lot and now the challenge and of course pressure will be greater on her especially when Roland Garros comes around being a former finalist on two occasions!

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