The unusual but brutal backhand of Elina Svitolina

Elina Svitolina is a player I have watched for about 4/5 years. I’ve always had her down as an all-rounder which isn’t a bad thing but over the last year her weapons have become more dangerous and none other than the backhand.

The two handed backhand is one of my favourite shots in tennis it is so beautiful and brutal at the same time but can be dangerous if the timing is off but watching Elina pull this shot off time and time again you have to watch and applaud.

I used the word unusual in the title and this is a compliment to Elina for the shot she plays.

Majority of players play this backhand with the body up-right and the racket swinging from behind the body and around side on but with Elina her backhand is different the swing is at an angle and the contact with the ball to the racket leaves a bigger margin for error as she hits it on the top of the racket as you can see below.


Image Credit – WTA

The balance on her foot is so delicate and to get this contact spot on which she does so well is a credit to her and pulling off this winner down the line makes it more special.

Hitting the ball close to the top of the racket is dangerous but when it’s executed perfectly as she does so well and often the contact could not be better.


Image Credit – WTA

Another one in the second set, leaning on that foot and crouching forward to pick her shot and she did it so perfectly and the follow through on the racket head with it right up and side on following that movement from the backhand connection.

As well as this backhand to produce winners she also uses a more generic backhand but it is so nice to watch a different shot.

With this shot and her other weapons she is a dangerous wherever she plays and with two big titles to her name already she is one to watch at Indian Wells and beyond!


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