Indian Wells Preview – Serena Williams v Zarina Diyas

Oh yes she is back!

After a cameo appearance in Fed Cup and just the other day in Tie-break tens the awaited return of Serena Williams is on the horizon.

What she has done so far in he career is untouchable she is the best there ever has been and to be ready to return and her commitment to get better is a testament to her dedication and despite difficult times and complications with the birth of her daughter Alexis she continues to defy the odds for the game she loves and which loves her.

Zarina Diyas is the unlucky one. Zarina has two top 10 wins in her career and herself is recently back from a long term injury. She was ranked around 30 in the world but a wrist injury in 2016 wrote off the rest of her season and she fell outside the top 100 but last year made a return and is just outside the top 50 in the world now.

What to expect? I’m not too sure.

You can’t analyse too much right now but I did watch Serena at the Tie-Break Tens in New York and she did well. The serve looked stronger than it did back in January when she played an exhibition in Abu Dhabi and likewise with the forehand and backhand of the former world number one which does look much better.

What will come with playing is the movement and timing especially at the back of the court. I think it will be difficult but she never gives up, the movement will come as court time progresses and once she hits the clay it does give you more freedom to move late and still be effective.

In an interview with BBC Sport Serena said;

“There have been days when I think how am I going to keep going?”

“I know that i may not be at my bost yet but I am getting there and everyday is a new day and everyday I should be getting better”

“As long as I’m moving forward even at turtle’s pace I’m ok with that”

“I’m ready or else I wouldn’t be here”

“In two months I will be way better than I am now”


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