Pliskova ‘should’ be a contender in the Californian desert but will she?

Karolina Pliskova is a player I have described many times as cool and composed. I’ve also said she needs steel in her game to boss some authority on the court and it’s been lacking a lot lately.

Quite amazingly her last top 10 win on the tour which wasn’t at the WTA Finals in Singapore was infact back in Cincinatti in August which was almost 7 months ago.

I’ve watched a bit of Pliskova this year and honestly it’s been flat. Usually a player who is composed and cool seems rushed and nervous and it feels like there has been a lack of a game plan in matches.

I watched Pliskova play against CiCi Bellis in Dubai and it was just messy. Credit to the American who played a strong game and dictated with her forehand finding good depth but against Kerber honestly it was a shambles.

Against the best you play to your strength even if you want any chance of keeping the score line close.

Panic settled in quite quick and match point summed it up for me…


Image Credit – WTA

The backhand is a little cautious, she needed to aim it more towards the tramline. Her movement coming to the net confuses me. The way the body is moving she is covering cross-court but slows down. The backhand cross court is 90% going to happen here but Pliskova got caught in two minds and didn’t look like she trusted her play.

On match point realistically it would have been more beneficial for Pliskova to go cross court with the backhand and then follow in naturally with the movement forward the backhand gives you.

I’d love to see Pliskova do well but I don’t think she is there at the moment and with how strong the field is on the WTA tour it would take something monumental but I would like to see her find some better form going into the clay which is her least favourite surface.

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