Same questions resurface following latest Sharapova defeat!

Once again the same questions have resurfaced. This season Maria Sharapova has a win/loss record of 5/4. The former world number one has struggled since her return to tennis with her game in my opinion look outdated.

The loss against Angie Kerber in Melbourne asked big questions and in her last tournament in Doha I described her performance against Monica Niculescu ‘messy’ as she fell in three sets to the Romanian.

Unseeded here at Indian Wells brought her up against rising star in Naomi Osaka who was fearless on route to victory in the desert.

The same questions have resurfaced.

Watching the match back it’s almost a carbon copy of what we saw against Kerber in Melbourne. Sharapova was ok when she had time, took much time and on the defensive couldn’t get herself out of that sliced backhand position which gradually get’s broken down in rallies.

Anticipation once again was lacking and with the greatest of respect it was really poor!


Image Credit – BT Sport / Indian Wells

This backhand should be an easy put away, why not go down the line? You should not be getting past and we saw it earlier on in the match when she got passed after a poor drop shot and you can’t put this down to issues with injuries, just a poor game plan.

I said in my Indian Wells preview Tennis moves on and it shows it however at the same time I cannot believe during Sharapova’s ban from tennis her and her team did not go through improvements to her game…

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