16 year old Amanda Anisimova ends Petra Kvitova’s 14 match unbeaten run!

Indian Wells is never full of stories and Sunday night provided another as Petra Kvitova’s unbeaten was brought to an end by 16 year old American Amanda Anisimova.

From the first moment of the match she showed no fear and an astute game plan against one of the toughest opponents on the tour who crushes the ball so well but she arrived and put her game out there!

You can see on the first break point she manages to construct her first thought is ‘I have to move Petra’.


Image Credit – BT Sport / Indian Wells

If you let Petra sit in the middle of the court and spray ground strokes for fun you are in for a short time on court but she utilised that flat backhand she has to pull the two time Wimbledon wide and took advantage of that opening up the court for the forehand winner (the old one, two) so effective!

I wish I had a graphic to show the shot placement of Anisimova during the match, it was near on perfect! The height of the ball, the depth and the angles she created really ruffled Kvitova. I’ve put this together below to show where she made an impact.

I’ve put this together below to show where she managed to hit the ball with the backhand (red) and forehand (yellow) moving the ball around the court freely.

fh bh animisova

It was a stunning performance and to come up with it at 16 is a credit to her, even some of the tour veterans struggle to implement a game plan against Petra which is effective throughout and cope with what she can throw at you!

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