‘Very weird’ Djokovic’ assessment of his 6-7 6-4 1-6 defeat

Yesterday Novak Djokovic posted a picture on Twitter which said ‘more flexible than ever’ however I have never seen the former world number one move quite like that.

Novak is the best mover the game has ever seen in my opinion, his ability to move and slide on a hard court is amazing to watch and this was a tough watch.

Even from early on the movement wasn’t there and there were a couple of moments in the match that showed a lack of fitness I assume.

nd move

Image Credit – Sky Sports / Indian Wells

The one on the left is a backhand down the line by Daniel at 4-5 in set one and you can see Novak not even ready to move he just looks at it and the second one is in the third set with Daniel breaking Novak to love and he isn’t even looking.

A usually fit Djokovic would be chasing these down. Questions were asked over his shoulder in Melbourne and he had to withdraw but I feel like we’ve walked away with more questions than answers after a tough and bizarre performance hitting a quite incredible no less than 60 unforced errors…

Credit to Daniel, he stuck to it. It is soo easy to become distracted when a player is visible being bothered by something but he maintained what he had to do to get the win and did it in style to defeat the 5 time Indian Wells champion!

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