Rublev‘ game is solid but he needs to let the second serve go a little

Andrey Rublev was one of the stars of the show in Milan last year at the inaugural NextGen Finals and in my opinion has potential to go far on the tour but does need to tune up his game.

Andrey’s game is built on being aggressive and we did see this against Dominic Thiem in Monte Carlo. Nine times out of ten he wants to go for the forehand and step inside the baseline and there is nothing wrong with that.

Image Credit – Sky Sports

You can see he is looking for the cross court most of time and if he can’t grind you down with the cross court he will just go down into the open where Them thought he was going.

The one aspect of his game which needs improving is the second serve. It does trouble a number of players but is undervalued and easy to pick off. I was quite critical of Dominic Thiem’s approach to retuning this in a previous piece, the Austrian figured it out and then didn’t use it and became careless.

When the second serve is being thrown in at 77mph you can’t sit three metres behind the baseline.

Rublev did lose the match but got let off the hook.

Image Credit – Sky Sports

Thiem’s slice return was bizarre, I didn’t get it. I think it was more out of frustration than anything else! However the serve didn’t do much it was a free hit for Thiem and maybe Rublev needs to go for it a little bit more. Of course you don’t want to double fault but he didn’t go near the line and it will get eaten up!

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