Rafa’s in the mood…

Well, world number one Rafael Nadal is playing some simply beautiful tennis right now. On a clay court there is no one better to watch. The way he strokes the ball around the court is like poetry. There isn’t a better sight in tennis.

I was listening to Henri Leconte on Sky Sports and he said on a clay court he’s looking better than ever. His game has never looked so solid and this is a man who has won multiple titles and is on a 32 winning streak on the clay and his demolition of Thiem was outstanding.

If I had to put a list of players who I believe are challengers to Nadal on clay it would be Thiem, Dimitrov, Goffin, Nishikori and Djokovic but he’s in some stunning form that is incredibly tough to break down on this surface.

It is almost impossible to come up with a game plan to beat him. He redirects the forehand unbelievable well and with the top spin he doesn’t need to  hit it with loads of power and he can just taunt you with it and always has more than one option.

A weakness of his use to be the backhand but it’s so strong and he uses the two handed backhand so well to redirect the ball and pull off winners if anything it’s as strong it’s like playing against a wall.

I watched him in Davis Cup a few weeks ago and was shocked at how good he played but this is on another level. He has Dimitrov next, the Bulgarian can cause problems but I don’t see a consistent challenge coming for him.

Rafa N

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