Vika is back on her travels!

No one would wish this on anyone. It’s still a shame that in 2018 a woman had to give up her job for 10 months due to a custody battle.

Former world number one Victoria Azarenka has not played a tournament outside of California since Wimbledon. The custody situation stated Vika could not leave California with her son Leo hence why Vika did not travel alone which anyone totally understands.

It’s been a shame for women and for women’s tennis over the last 10 months but what a fighter she is and her love for her son shows that.

Vika announced via social media that herself and Leo are on their travels with a post on Instagram of them in the car with suitcases and they are on route to Madrid to kick off the Belarussian’s clay court season.

Throughout the years there have been moments and pictures in tennis which are full of emotion and meaning and you will remember them forever.

Some of them will have more emotion attached than any but the one which for me stands out this year is that picture of Vika walking out on court at Indian Wells just over a month ago to a full cheering crowd.

Screenshot (113)

Moments like these are what it is all about and here’s to many more of them!


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