42 winners & 42 unforced errors, Kontaveit wins battle against Venus in Madrid!

The first day of the Mutua Madrid Open 2018 has almost come to an end. The day has seen wins for Svitolina, Garcia and Mladenovic as American’s Vandeweghe and Venus Williams have fallen at the first hurdle.

Anett Kontaveit provides a go big or go home style to a tennis court and R4 in Melbourne, SF’s in Stuttgart and 2R elsewhere sums that up, consistency is very difficult to find!

I watched quite a bit of Kontaveit in Stuttgart and her match against Mladenovic stood out for me. She plays one way and it worked for a period of time to get her to the semi-finals which is a great result at one of the WTA’s most popular clay court events.

However is it sustainable?

I don’t think so. Going forward Kontaveit will have to look at taking a bit more time with her shots and not just going for it. The Estonian is only 22 years old and was born on Christmas Eve, she is currently ranked at 29 in the world and I think to be at that next level then she does need to not be as much in a rush and work points more.


Image Credit – BT Sport / SAP Sports

This graphic above shows her rally position on the third shot after serving. She does trust the forehand more than the backhand as you can see with 73% of points played using this shot which she is more free off. With the backhand she stands off a bit and we saw against Venus today the backhand wasn’t great even inside the court she either hit it wide or long.

I like the fact that she plays front foot tennis but there is no back up plan. Venus physically struggled in the third set but to play this style of game and be successful regularly you cannot sustain 42 winners and 42 unforced and it’s a similar situation with Ostapenko which I have touched on before.

However, Anett got the win today! It was a big win for the Estonian who deserved it but I wouldn’t say played a great game it was a good get the job done performance.




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