Why the latest Andy Murray story is just noise!

Over the last 24 hours a story emerged that Andy Murray’s comeback will be delayed and isn’t going well but if you read the story it’s all based on noise with no fact.

The story uses phrases such as ‘sources close to Murray’ and ‘not thought to have done much (training)’ and well where is the fact here?

The phrase ‘sources close’ is quite comical as no one knew Andy Murray was having hip surgery in Melbourne until after it was done and no one knew until after he practiced at the Mouratoglou Academy until a fan posted videos on social media so maybe these ‘sources’ and I use that term very loosely need to pick it up!

I have doubts that Murray would have gone to the Mouratoglou Academy as well unless he was feeling in a good place and consulting his team.

The plan has always been for Andy to go to Rasmalen at the beginning of June and that is still the plan the tournament has confirmed with then Queens and Wimbledon the plan but it is a wait and see job!

There does seem to be some media obsession over the last few weeks with Andy playing challenger events with new tournaments in Glasglow which he didn’t play but had no intention of playing and same with Loughborough which is on the horizon. Murray’s non-appearance in these tournaments seems to have helped fuel these ‘set back’ stories which like I said are noise.

A decision on what happens over the grass court season will come closer to events and not now, he has a schedule in place but it won’t be set in stone unless he is ready to compete.


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