Garbiñe Muguruza – 16/8 win loss, odd game plan & lack of confidence 🤔?

Garbiñe Muguruza is not a two time Grand Slam champion by fluke. The Spaniard is having a tough year but it just hasn’t changed all season!

She will go into Roland Garros on a win/loss of 16/8 with no momentum generated at all this season and three retirements to her name but a title in Monterrey following the sunshine double.

Against top 25 ranked players she is 2/4 for the season and lost three matches against players ranked outside the top 50.

I watched back her match against Gavrilova and I didn’t really find a game plan, I found parts of a number of different ones trying to gel together but it was messy.

The best part of her game came from the backhand which was hit with pure frustration and became a weapon. Her defence was a bit shaky, net play was odd especially the overheads and drive volleys I didn’t get it and I’ll take a look.

Image Credit – WTA / BT Sport

The first one is messy, the drive volley is straight at Gavrilova who panicked but Garbiñe made it difficult for herself the open court is there. Gavrilova as I said panicked and should have looked up the line or cross court and pulled the angle but hit straight at Muguruza who put away.

Image Credit – BT Sport / WTA 

This one here was odd. Down break point and the drive volley with panic in it was messy. Game plan went out the window and she hit the drive volley out and that sealed her fate.

I don’t think the confidence is there at the moment and hasn’t been majority of the season. The title win in Monterrey felt more like a relief than an achievement.

However I wouldn’t rule her out at Roland Garros. She produced one of the great upsets against Serena a few years ago in Paris and I think the longer turn around between matches helps her.

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