Serena Williams 7-6 6-4 Kristyna Pliskova

Not all superheroes wear capes. Serena Williams made her Grand Slam return at Roland Garros this afternoon and of course she did it with a 7-6 6-4 win against Kristyna Pliskova and she did it in a cat suit!


Serena’s story is incredible. She is an incredible woman after going through a difficult birth her return and success on the court she be celebrated as she is just a born fighter.

I didn’t think Serena played too badly. After the match when she was speaking to Marion Bartoli who is also planning a comeback soon the former world number one said she was just happy to be playing again at Roland Garros.

One part of Serena’s game which will need improvement is the second serve. When she missed the first either out wide or down the T she went for that middle of the court serve and Kristyna did get a lot of joy off it.

SW serve

I did think that she moved well as well covering the court and kept the ball in play and herself in the rally with her forehand which looked good.

SW fh

And also you can see below the backhand she used well hitting hard and flat and with her body upright it propelled all that power into the shot!

sw bh

Overall there were a lot of positives, things to improve but having Serena in action at a major is good enough!


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