Crisis? Not a chance, just a blip!

It won’t be forgotten for a while. After Novak’s match against Cecchinato where he lost in four sets the former world number one and Roland Garros champion refused to go into the main interview room.

Instead Novak went into a side interview room where only a few people could fit in. No microphones, nothing! It didn’t last long at all and it summed up his feelings after crashing out of Roland Garros.

When asked about playing Wimbledon he replied with “I don’t know” I fully expect Novak to be at Wimbledon unless there is something physically wrong.

Novak’s performance just lack any authority and belief. He seemed bothered early on and had an injury time out after the first set for his neck.

Usually you see Novak locked in and ready but he looked a little shell-shocked quite a lot and compared to the improved form we saw from him leading into Roland Garros this was by far the most bizarre performance I have seen from him this year without a doubt.


What next?

Are we just over-reacting? Was it just a bad day at the office? We all have them but the attention and the stage just make a mountain out of a mole hill.

The frustrations were visible from Novak and we can sit here and say how angry he looked but frustrations to me show two things;

1.  You care

2.  You expect better

Novak is not a 12 time Grand Slam champion by fluke. He won’t be sat at home cursing himself, they will probably have a look at footage of the match and analyse where they go from there. The recovery will not be in doubt.

The frustration will be there that is natural! I think an over-reaction has not helped. If anyone expected him to go into press all cheery and sing like a canary then they are wrong.

I think what he did was odd but was his way of saying this was not good today and that’s that.

Maybe something was wrong but only Novak knows right now but you can’t fault him for being frustrated. He had opportunities and didn’t take them and there is nothing worse in competitive sport when you have opportunity on your racket and you miss as you will keep replaying it in your head.

Novak will be back, it’s a blip!

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