Sharapova’s second serve – ranked at 112 in the world, trust, double faults, challenging at the top and Birmingham!

Prior to Roland Garros former world number one Maria Sharapova had played 19 matches this season. In those 19 matches she had hit 93 aces and 115 double faults which on average is 4.8 aces a match but also 6 double faults a match.

The win percentage behind second serve for the year is 44.2% over 20% lower than her first serve. This second serve is ranked at 112 in the world.

People will turn around and say well she is almost top 20 now but the difference between just a top 20 player and at the very top is massive and this won’t help.

Ok, Maria got to the quarter finals but better players as tournaments progress will just be all over it!

Against top 20 ranked players her win/loss for the year prior to Roland Garros is 4/4.

So, let’s have a look!

The win percentage of the serve was 19% winning 5/26 shots behind it so let’s see where these 26 have landed.

Sharapova 2nd v Mug

This data from the match v Muguruza is the second serve of Sharapova. 20 shots that landed, 6 of the 26 were double faults.

Unfortunately the data I have only gives a percentage and not position on the court. You can see there is a mix of landings on second serve. No real consistency.

This shows me a lack of trust especially with the positioning of the serve.

We can see below on this one Muguruza is ready for it;


Image Credit – Roland Garros / ITV

Muguruza is ready, she takes it on the rise, goes cross court which then means Maria has to stretch which she does and hits the backhand into the next and loses 6-2 6-1 in 70 minutes.

The speed and a lack of conviction/trust is the big issue here. At Roland Garros in four matches she hit 13 aces and 23 double faults which is on par with her form for the year, better players will get the better of it!

Sharapova has had shoulder injuries before, I don’t think there was a problem but maybe the surface led to her stepping back a bit but it was the same on the hard courts earlier on in the season.

I’ll be seeing Sharapova in a couple of weeks time at WTA Birmingham which has a very strong field so it will be interesting to see how it stands up on the grass courts where she is more dangerous but right now it’s flat and a bit central and slow which does not stand up well.

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