The 342 day wait is almost over

The wait fans all over the world have been waiting for.

On Tuesday afternoon for the first time in 342 days Andy Murray will be back playing at a tennis tournament since Wimbledon last year. He was due to play in Netherlands last week but wasn’t ready and made a decision 29 minutes before the draw was to be made to play at Queens.

Unfortunately for Andy the draw gods have not been kind for him as he will play good friend of his Nick Kyrgios in round one; a player he has never beaten.

The result doesn’t matter and if I see one person in the media criticise his performance or ‘chances’ at Wimbledon they need to go and have a long look in the mirror. Don’t expect him to pull up tree’s.

Andy had surgery back in Melbourne in January which was a surprise to everyone as we only knew about it after it was done.

Recovering from surgery is tough but Andy did it a few years ago when he had back surgery and was written off after that, he then went on to play some of his best ever tennis.

Getting back to his level will be a long and difficult road. The tour has moved on but Andy is a hard worker, he said he felt no pain after surgery and when he could begin rehab he would do around 6-8 hours a day.

Seeing how the hip reacts to tour life is something time will tell and maybe it will mean a revised schedule like Roger skips clay, Rafa slows down around grass and is something I expect Stan and Novak to do now to.

I don’t really see the point in sitting here and previewing this match at all.

I think it will be emotional for Andy, his family and us his fans. He said he will be nervous and has missed tennis a lot so I think it should be treated as a celebration.

Welcome back Andy!

A new chapter awaits!



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