20 years of Serena Williams at Wimbledon!

2018 celebrates 20 years of Serena Williams at Wimbledon.

Serena has done so much for women’s tennis and women in general. This year despite being ranked outside top 150 got a seed for the draw as she should not be penalised for leaving the tour to give birth and she is spot on.

Her fight for equality has always and will always be incredible!

In singles, doubles and mixed doubles combined Serena has been involved in 29 draws and has won 14 of them which is just another level with a career win/loss at Wimbledon of 137 wins and just 13 defeats a win percentage of 91.3%.

The other day on social media it popped up on my phone that Serena was doing a live video on Instagram. The video was of her and her daughter Olympia walking around Centre Court at Wimbledon for only a minute or two and telling her the story of a girl who had a dream and it came true.

20 years of Serena at Wimbledon we have seen it all from her first title in 2002 when she was 20 years old and her most recent which was number seven being in 2016 her last appearance at Wimbledon.

The first appearance for Serena was in 1998, she played Golarsa from Italy in round one winning 6-4 6-3, in round two she played Mirjana Lucic-Baroni winning 6-3 6-0 before falling to Ruano Pascual from Spain 7-5 4-1 with a withdrawal. Sister Venus was in that section of the draw as well and played the Spaniard in the next round and won before losing to the late Jana Novotna in the quarter finals who went on to win the title.

Wimbledon has always been a special place for Serena where dreams that were dreamt came true including a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics which was held at Wimbledon.

On Sunday evening I spent just over 17 minutes watching Serena Williams pre-tournament press conference on YouTube. When Serena talks you listen! The way she just engages the audience is something no one else on the tour (including men) does as well.

Despite being a 23 Grand Slam winner and the greatest of all time she is so humble, open and honest when speaking which is refreshing.

One word I got a lot from her press conference was equality something she has always fought for whether it is for fellow players on the tour, players thinking of starting a family, opportunities, equal drug testing (which she spoke about in press) and giving her daughter the best she can and fighting for an equal world.

20 years of Serena at Wimbledon but also 20 years of this lady on the tour and she has made a big difference to the way people think and in life we talk about role models and who to look up to. Look no further than Serena.

What a woman!



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