Does Grigor Dimitrov need a new voice in his corner?

Time to time players do extend their coaching teams. We have seen Top players in the past like Novak, Andy, Roger, Rafa and Raonic just to name a few bring in an extra voice whether it was Boris Becker, Ivan Lendl, Stefan Edberg, Carlos Moyà and John McEnroe who have all had stints with these respective players.

They don’t come in and make wholesale changes to their games at all, it has never happened like that but they bring ideas to the table and some will work and some will not.

We saw Andy improve his forehand under Lendl, Djokovic backhand under Becker, Federer improved his service game time under Edberg with variety and Rafa added his good friend Moya who has made a big impact on his serve.

Dimitrov has the game to be top 3, this loss should be a wake up call after a tough 6 months for the Bulgarian who’s serve I kept a close eye on today and it fell short again. Here is a link I wrote about his serve position change recently.

I was a bit lost again today, the serve percentage wasn’t there and neither was Stan’s but he won big points.

Image Credit – BBC Sport / Wimbledon

Even early on I saw flaws in his serve it was a bit central and I felt like there was no conviction and I have said before that Grigor was so good last year at serving and controlling momentum but he opened himself up for the down the line and we saw too much of the backhand slice into the backhand corner of Stan which is silly as he can flick the backhand down the line or hit the inside out forehand.

I think it’s a simple fix for Grigor. I do think he needs a new voice and new ideas in his camp, I don’t think it would be smart to completely change his coaching team but a voice who watches the game should help!

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