Hopman Cup set to be scrapped!

After 30 years of top players arriving in Perth to begin their season at the Hopman Cup reports suggest the tournament is set to be axed. 8 teams from around the world arrive in late December in the only mixed male and female event on the tour now looks like having it’s last dance.

So far for 2019 Team Switzerland and Germany will return with Roger Federer, Belinda Bencic, Alex Zverev and Belinda Bencic representing their respective countries but why is it coming to an end?

I expected this to happen after it was announced not long ago that the ATP have struck a partnership with Tennis Australia to bring back the ATP World Team Cup in 2020 which will be a male only tournament with singles, doubles, ATP points (something Hopman Cup doesn’t have) and over $20 million in prize money available making it the biggest prize money pot outside of the four majors.


The decision has not gone down well with fans throughout the world of tennis and that is expected.

Hopman Cup is fun and it brings the men’s and women’s games together something we only ever see at mixed doubles of a Grand Slam. This tournament brings appeal to the game to new fans and gives women and men an equal platform to play on.

The main responsibility of the ATP is to promote their players so for them this makes sense but for Tennis Australia to lose a tournament which has men and women on an equal playing field and replaced but this male only tournament is dangerous and won’t go down well.

Nothing official has been announced yet and the whole structure of the ATP World Team Cup is unclear but all signs do point to a bleak future for the Hopman Cup.

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