Wimbledon’s show court share; a great start which petered out! 👎🏻

One of the main talking points coming into Wimbledon was equality and equal opportunities with pressure on the All England Club to have more ladies matches on the main show courts, so how did it do?

The first seven/eight days are the only ones you can pick data from, picking data from the second week once you hit the quarter finals is pointless as there are less matches which would obviously more on the show courts.

Let’s have a look…

Wimbledon share

Court 2 is there as an extra example but isn’t a major court the two top ones are centre and court 1. You can see over the first three days of the tournament that on centre and court one combined the men had 8 matches on these two courts compared to the ladies 13 matches which is amazing but don’t let it deceive you…

As the draw has got smaller as days go on less ladies matches are being put on the show courts with just 7 in three days compared to the men’s 11 matches.

However what stands out to me is Middle Monday which is also known as Manic Monday.

On Manic Monday all round four matches take place. 8 men’s and 8 women’s with all looking to book their way into the quarter finals so to have three ladies matches on the main three courts compared to six men’s is bad.

The ladies draw may have taken a hit over the course of the first week with 9 of the top 10 seeds losing but that should not discredit the women’s game at all, if anything it makes it more exciting and those ladies who are hear in the fourth round deserve it and they may not be the ‘big name’ but that doesn’t matter they deserve the big stage.

Should you praise Wimbledon for their court share? I don’t think so. Despite 24 men’s matches and 22 women’s matches on the top two courts over the first seven days there is still an obvious bias and a disrespect to the ladies draw.

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