Benoit Paire smashes three rackets, throws them and kicks chair in less than 60 seconds. Fined £12,600, fair or soft?

Well, everyone was expecting one of the biggest fines in some time after a mad 90 seconds from Benoit Paire in Washington but only £12,600 seems a little short…

Coming towards the end of the third set Benoit Paire went for an overhead and hit it into the net and then this unfolded;

  1. He smashed his racket four times on the court
  2. He then threw his racket towards the net
  3. He then stamps on another racket and kicks the chair
  4. He then throws that racket before sitting down
  5. Umpire gives him a point penalty for the next game
  6. He got up and picked up one of his smashed rackets and threw it on court
  7. On match point he gave up just touch the ball with Baghdatis winning

I mean, I don’t recall something like this for some time. It was caught on video from a fan on site

The fine does seem small when you consider the millions players make and losing to Baghdatis did see him walk away with just over $7000 which is around half of what he was fined.

I do think it is a soft punishment, £12,600 to me is a lot of money but to these top 50 ranked players they can go find it again in two weeks. Maybe higher fines, points deduction or a ban from tournaments should be introduced.

What do you think, fair or unfair?

Are we just getting carried away?

Tennis Ball and Racket



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