Eugenie Bouchard – Confidence? Good fight! Unneeded hometown hype and a bizarre performance

Despite the struggles for Eugenie Bouchard over the last few years a trip home to Canada at this time of the year always resurfaces as the tour stops at the Rogers Cup.

Confidence, right now I couldn’t tell you where it is at. Bouchard looked comfortable at times on the court against Elise Mertens and played some good shots but it got messy quite quick as well with the ground strokes breaking down and the slump in body language visible.

Bouchard had a good few weeks on the tour beginning with Wimbledon qualifying when she showed great fight. Prior to Wimbledon the Canadian entered qualifying for Birmingham but got knocked out early however she stuck around all week and was spotted a few times on the practice courts but did not look happy at all.

Arriving in Montreal she was hit with this major hometown hype which I think Rogers Cup and Tennis Canada should have been a little more clever with but Bouchard has a responsibility as well and got caught up in it.

The welcome was great, the queues of fans watching her practice and after an autograph is a good thing but this is a player lacking confidence and form so it will add pressure.

Anyone can say it doesn’t add pressure but it will it’s one of those things in life pressure is something you aren’t in control of. Take for example you go to the doctors for a blood pressure test, you’re blood pressure will be higher than usual because you think about it.

Ranked outside top 125 on singles at the moment maybe Bouchard does need time away from the limelight but she attracts news wherever she goes but part of it is down to her.

Likelihood is she will have to qualify for the remaining major tournaments as she looks to boost her ranking.

The performance against Mertens was just messy. She fell 0-5 down, showed a bit of fight as she lost it 6-2. Took the first three games of the second set with some powerful play and then lost 6 of the next 7 games as she lost in straight sets.


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