#SaveDavisCup – why everyone should be as vocal as Tennis Australia, Hewitt, Mauresmo & Kohlmann ahead of vote!


On Thursday the vote takes place.

Federations will vote on the proposed Davis Cup reform via the ITF which has been financially backed by Kosmos, a group led by footballer Gerard Pique.

In the week that has seen Tennis Australia and past legends vocalise their views against the proposals lets have a reminder of these proposals;

There is no hidden fact that the tournament does need a shake up but these proposals don’t seem right for the tournament;

  • Kosmos, a group led by football Gerard Pique announced they were excited to be working with the ITF and would fund $3billion into tennis in 25 years ( MONEY )
  • They want to create a World Cup of Tennis which will attract big nations and players to an event played over a continued period (not like current format which is 4/5 weeks a year)
  • With taking the tournament to potentially 1 week or 2 weeks it means no more home/away ties… which is what Davis Cup is about. The atmosphere makes it so special.
  • The tournament is to be held in one country each time around.

Players and coaches have been vocal against it.

Lleyton Hewitt tweeted in April that the ITF need to pull their head out of the sand.

Germany’s captain Michael Kohlmann had a message for Dave Haggerty (ITF President) following Germany’s big win a few months ago.

Former Grand Slam champion, coach of Andy Murray and Fed Cup captain Amelie Mauresmo has also been vocal on the proposed changes saying more time and options are needed and hopes the ITF listens to the fans, players, captains.

Tennis Australia recently posted a piece which outlines their vote to say no to the proposals. Lleyton Hewitt, Pat Cash, Wally Masur and Rod Laver amongst others have all had their say which you can find here;

Australian stars views on Davis Cup proposals

The vote is on Thursday and here is hoping they do the right thing.

Screenshot (279)


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