Unconvincing since his Wimbledon win but over 5 sets in New York you have to fancy Novak, right?

Novak Djokovic’ win at Wimbledon was a statement of intent. He hadn’t ‘lost it’ as many said following his crash out of Roland Garros and he showed that as he won his 13th major.

The hard court season has been difficult so far for the former world number one who has been unconvincing this hard court period since Wimbledon.

I think maybe expecting Novak to come into Toronto and Cincinnati and blow us away was a little naïve. For me he is still the best player on a hard court especially with the way he moves and his endurance on a hard court is matched by no one.

For me right now I don’t think it matters what Novak does here in Cincinnati.

Whatever happens in Cincinnati he will head out to Flushing Meadows and will be on site early.

Because of his endurance in long matches for me he is the favourite to lift the title in a few weeks time. What goes in his favour is his fitness and the fact of having a day off between matches.

Novak on a hard court is a different animal. That movement especially at the back of the court and the way he defends is stunning and even in some of these tough wins he has got over the last few weeks you can sense that improvement in his level and the focus.

Over 5 sets compared to 3 is a different ball game. He has more time to figure it out and find an avenue into a match and history shows two things on hard courts, Novak doesn’t just give up easily and when he does find a weakness in his opponents game even for a couple of minutes he takes it and runs.

I think if Novak won New York this year in particular following all his troubles when he did return and to be honest he was not ready to play competitive tennis at Indian Wells/Miami it would be one the games greatest comebacks.

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