Amanda Anisimova – backhand, movement, redirection and the big apple!

16 year old Amanda Anisimova has been rewarded a wildcard into this years US Open, but who is she?

Amanda is from New Jersey and turns 17 at the end of the month during the tournament in Flushing Meadows. Tipped by many to become a future star of American tennis she has shown this year why she is highly rated.

Her season began on the tour at 125k event at Indian Wells before the main tournament winning five matches in a row making the semi-finals with four wins against players ranked higher than her including fellow American’s Nicole Gibbs and Caroline Dolehide.

She has recently had some very good results in San Jose and Cincinnati with three top 60 ranked wins and is ranked at a career high of 113 at the moment however her run at the main Indian Wells event and of course that win against Petra Kvitova is what got people talking, so let’s have a look at her game!

Redirecting the ball

What I liked to see from Amanda was the way she re-directs the ball even under pressure. Early on in the match we saw her under pressure with the ball sent deep towards her feet but the way she managed to redirect the forehand cross court for the winner was fantastic.

AA redi

Image Credit – WTA


One of the most important things on a hard court especially with the different speeds of them throughout the tour. Courts at Indian Wells can be slow but with the conditions can be tougher to cover ground.

I liked the way she moved around the court especially when she moved towards the backhand, it had a slide to it but with the forehand she didn’t have too move as swiftly and cleanly as she did to the backhand to still make good contact.

The Backhand…

My favourite shot of hers. The two handed backhand is one of my favourite shots in tennis, it is my favourite shot to play and I will do a piece on it at some point.

The way she was so controlled behind the backhand throughout was exceptional and to have a level like this at 16 with this shot only shows in the future how great it can become. Time and time again she got under Petra’s skin with the backhand cross court which was flat and precise to the line but also as we can see below the way she put Petra off balance with her backhand down the line.

aa bh

Image Credit – WTA

Going forward a wildcard into her first US Open main draw but she is only 16 so this is a time to enjoy and learn with these new experiences she will get over the coming years.

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