Usual suspects or a new face? πŸ†

All expectations are on New York to be a three horse race between Novak, Roger and Rafa but will it be one of these usual suspects or another but who are the other contenders?

Juan Martin Del Potro

Former champion in 2009, career high of world number three and is in the same half as Rafa but opposite to Novak and Roger.

I think that Del Potro has scheduled perfectly, he’s been on site for a while and the concern for him usually is the early rounds but if he can get that momentum he will challenge!

Marin Cilic

The win in 2014 does seem like a lifetime ago. I think it is fair to say he has a been a bit flat of late, I haven’t seen that spark.

He knows what it takes to win here but I can’t help but think that killer instinct is still missing to defeat the best.

He’s recently lost to Rafa and Novak in three sets and I’ve come away thinking missed opportunity and there was moments which he should have capitalised on!

His record against Rafa = 2/5 and 2/14 v Novak

Former champions

There are other former champions playing but will it happen?

For me I believe this is way too early for Andy and Stan, it’s great to have them back but I can’t see anything major happening?

More challengers?

I honestly can’t see it happening… what Grigor, Goffin, Sascha and Thiem have done over the last year is great but haven’t done much consistently and that’s the issue.

I’d like to see Zverev challenge and with Lendl in his corner it brings a new voice, ideas and experience.


Here are just some links talking about Roger, Rafa and Novak ahead of the tournament;

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Roger Federer – First US Open title in 10 years?

Novak Djokovic – Unconvincing since Wimbledon but you have to fancy him!

ATP Heritage Celebration - Inside

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