Sexism in Tennis, an issue which needs sorting!

Tennis has itself at the centre of a sexism issue.

Over the past few days we have seen there is still an issue which needs ironing out from the game to give women the same respect as men.

If I were Giudicelli or the umpire in Cornet’s match I’d be embarrassed at what has gone on.

Last year whilst giving birth Serena Williams had a lot of complications and she suffered blood clots and nearly died. This year she arrived at her first major since giving birth 9 months later and wore a catsuit.

When asked about the catsuit Serena said it was there for all the mums, it made her feel like a superhero, a queen from Wakanda and was designed to help her body against blood clots.

serena catsuit

The French tennis president Giudicelli has however announced that this catsuit will be banned from future tennis basically because he doesn’t like it.

He said in an interview she has to ‘respect the game’

What a load of rubbish. What Serena is doing right now whether it’s with her comeback on the tour, what she says, what she wears is that she is opening minds to what she went through and what mothers go through giving birth and showing how superhero like they are.

Clothing sponsor Nike who designed the catsuit have responded…

The US Open overnight has been drawn into a sexism issue as well.

Over the first two days of the tournament I watched Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic at the change over change their shirt and sit there shirtless for a few minutes.

Yesterday, there was a heat break where the Cornet and Larsson went off court for 10 minutes. When the players reappeared Cornet had her shirt on back to front.

When she realised she took herself to the bank of the court, took her top off and swapped it around. This was over in 10 seconds, what happened next will disgust you.

The umpire made an announcement and gave Cornet a code violation for unsportsmanlike conduct.

What the hell?!

Is anyone offended?

I really hope the USTA and the umpire comes out and apologises to Cornet

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