Naomi Osaka; Indian Wells win, Charleston tears and waking up depressed, first major QF and tears of joy!

Back in March Naomi Osaka put on a fortnight of stunning tennis as she won her first big title at Indian Wells.

In the Calafornian dessert the Japanese star defeated Sharapova, Radwanska, Pliskova, Halep and Kasatkina on route to winning the title without a set of tennis dropped.

Following this win she felt the pressure and following her defeat a few weeks later to Julia Georges in Charleston she broke down in an open and honest post match interview.

During the interview she said;

“Yesterday I woke up and was really depressed and I don’t know why”

When she was asked what she wants to do as her tournament is over she replied with ”Nothing”

She finished the interview with saying ”I’m so sad right now”

This was refreshing to hear. It was also sad to hear her like this but is a side to a player we don’t see often.

She just came off the back of an incredibly fortnight of tennis which she’s never experienced before and a couple of losses later is feeling depressed. This shows how tough the day to day mental side of tennis is.

Tennis isn’t just about winning and improving your game but your life is the most important part of it.

Yesterday Naomi Osaka after her win in New York sat in her chair and cried as she made it to her first Grand Slam quarter final.

Screenshot (324)

This is what it is about, living in the moment and taking opportunities like these. At just 20 she’s dealt with a lot on the tour and to see all that emotion spill out is lovely to see her make her first quarter final at a Grand Slam.

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