Serena Williams, Carlos Ramos, Patrick Mouratoglou, USTA and WTA at centre of the biggest storm in tennis!

Saturday night on Arthur Ashe during the final between Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams all hell broke loose which resulted in tears from both and game violation against Serena Williams.

It all began when Serena was given a code violation for apparent coaching. Serena confronted the chair umpire and told umpire Carlos Ramos she doesn’t cheat or use on court coaching and would rather lose than cheat.

Serena then demanded an apology from Carlos Ramos for the accusation with emotions running very high.

Serena then smashed a racket and was given a point penalty and was still furious as that ‘coaching violation’ was a warning so next would be a point penalty.

Serena at the change of ends that said Carlos Ramos was a liar and a thief for taking a point away from her. Carlos Ramos then decided to give Serena a penalty for verbal abuse and then took a game off her!

A very upset Serena called the referee onto the court and emotions were even higher for both players. Serena was in tears defending her character telling them this isn’t fair and Naomi Osaka was obviously bothered by what happened here as well.

Serena said men say much worse and get away with it and she isn’t wrong!

Minutes after the win for Naomi the coach of Serena Williams, Patrick Mouratoglou gave an interview with ESPN where he admitted to coaching but doesn’t think Serena saw him. He also went on to say Naomi’s coach was coaching and has seen Toni Nadal coach Rafa in matches umpired by Carlos Ramos but does nothing.

Serena was quizzed on Patrick saying he coached her and she said in her post match press conference that she texted him to say ‘What are you talking about’ as they don’t have signals and never have.

‘I’m trying to figure out why he would say that’

Here is the full drama;

Since this has unfolded WTA Chief Steve Simon and even USTA chief Katrina Adams who is a big figure at the US Open have jumped to Serena’s defence agreeing with her that there is a double standards and she was treated different to how men are treated and she isn’t wrong.

Katerina said in an interview with American TV ESPN;

“We have to have consistency,  because when you look at what the women, in this case Serena is feeling, we watch the guys do this all the time. They are badgering the chair umpires on the changeover. Nothing happens”

This is big to come from one of the US Open chief’s

Fellow pro’s Roddick and Azarenka have also been defending her as well as Billie Jean King who is upset with the double standards shown as men are praised for showing this fight but Serena get’s punished and has been fined £13,000 for what happened even when we’ve heard plenty of men say much more awful stuff and get away with it…

Carlos Ramos in my umpire is responsible for this. At no point did he try to defuse the situation. He continued to fuel the fire and it got out of hand. Of course Serena has a responsibility but in the emotion of the match and what was happening the umpire needed to be in control.

He should have had a quiet word to Serena about apparent coaching. You always see umpires have a little word before any warning is given so jumping to that was wrong in my opinion and the reaction of Serena to that code violation showed that. The one for racket abuse was right but then Serena calling him a thief for stealing a point as she put it isn’t the best but did not deserve a game penalty when a lot worse has gone unpunished and that’s the issue.

The double standard is incredible. These umpires let men get away with swearing time and time again but there is no consistency. You cannot chose when you are going to decide to go full on the rules and when you aren’t. It doesn’t work like that.

Both have a responsibility and neither covered themselves in glory but the umpire has a job to do and some say he did but he feuled a lot of this.

This will continue to unfold over the coming days I imagine, the story were all looking at now is the relationship between Patrick and Serena. This isn’t the first time this year there has been a rift as at Roland Garros he made comments about her playing doubles against his advice and we saw this in the documentary Being Serena and didn’t give any interviews at Wimbledon and didn’t join Serena in San Jose.


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