Strict? Yes! Sexist? No! – Carlos Ramos followed the rules; consistency amongst umpires is needed as is awareness of situations

Carlos Ramos is being thrown under the bus.

WTA and USTA chiefs have come out to defend Serena for what happened at Flushing Meadows and have thrown Carlos Ramos under the bus in the process.

Following the warning for coaching, then the point penalty for racket abuse and the game penalty for verbal abuse when Serena called him a thief for stealing a point as she put it.

The ITF who have no involvement with the Grand Slams we’re reluctant to come out but have today come out to defend Carlos Ramos who as they said acted professional and followed the rules.

I said in a previous piece that the rules are there and we’re followed by the umpire but he fuelled the situation.

I do believe players have a huge responsibility but so do umpires and these two should have put this to bed earlier but Carlos as well should have look at the moment and the situation and began with a soft warning.

This is where there is a problem, we need umpires to be a bit more human when making these decisions but still have authority and you will never get that consistency until all are singing from the same hymn sheet but to even entertain the idea that Carlos is sexist is so wrong.

He isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers and is a big one on Nadal’s serving time in particular and has had run ins with top men.

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