Most impressive comeback? Federer? Nadal? It’s got to be Djokovic!

Over the last 12 months we have seen some impressive comebacks on the men’s tour. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal came back after lengthy time away from the game and revisited their scheduling to improve their chances where it mattered and picked up major titles.

Novak Djokovic missed the entire second half of last season and in February had surgery once more following his return in Australia which fell short.

He changed his coaching team and with this elbow issue mixed up his serve.

It took time and probably more than he expected.

I said going to Miami and Indian Wells was a mistake and his round one exits put more pressure on. He had a little break and came into the clay court season still a little unsure. His clay court season in my opinion was ok. We began to see a little bit more of a push and a grind on the court but the clay court season will be remembered for that explosion of emotion in the loss against Cecchinato in the quarter finals at Roland Garros.

I liked what I saw from Novak. I said at the time it showed he cared and expected better from himself.

He announced himself at Queens. This was the first tournament where I thought he looked sharp, he pulled everything together. The backhand in particular was hitting the heights of before and it propelled him to the final, what happened after Queens was exceptional.

28 matches and 26 wins. Wimbledon champion, Montreal SF, Cincinnati champion (Career Masters 1000) and US Open champion.

To have done this and dominate in such short time after a really tough comeback deserves a hell of a lot of praise.

Novak has always had a rough ride but 14 Grand Slams and only recently 31 years old there is plenty left for him to give and the way we have seen his form adapt makes his comeback the best in my opinion!

Congrats Novak! 🙂



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