Balancing on-court life with off-court life but Tennis always must do the talking!

Naomi Osaka’s world has just exploded.

Following her win at the US Open the Japanese star walked away with over $3.8 million dollars and it hasn’t stopped since for her!

She has signed a deal with Nissan to become an ambassador and with her clothing deal with Adidas up at the end of the year it is rumoured a new yearly deal worth over $8.5 million a year is going to be signed.

This adding to her deals already with Yonex, Nissin Food, Wowow and Citizen Watch.

She has also been on the Ellen DeGeneres show as well.

This is just going to get bigger and bigger and it may be exciting but we have to let the tennis do the talking.

I completely understand the whole marketing side but also Naomi I imagine will want to keep her feet on the ground. We have seen throughout the years how players struggle to deal with post winning a major and replicating it turns into a difficult situation.

This is a tricky period now, we saw Naomi open up after Charleston about how she was feeling and what she wants is that consistency on tour.


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