Rift in the camp? Serena can’t understand why Patrick said he was coaching when they’ve never used signals before

It does seem to be something that has been building throughout the season.

Since the show Being Serena went on air we have seen this when they have spoken about fitness, breastfeeding and Patrick was quite firm getting his point across.

Apart from the show we have also heard him being vocal at tournaments.

Serena’s first major since returning was Roland Garros and she made the decision to play doubles with sister Venus which meant she didn’t get a day off between matches and not being able to rest and recover did not help her progress and Patrick was vocal about his thoughts on Serena participating in doubles.

When he was asked about if Serena would then play doubles at Wimbledon after she had rested he said;

“If she does the same to me again, It’s incredible”

Patrick was then silent at Wimbledon.

Serena was asked about the ‘media ban’ on Patrick at Wimbledon and she said;

“were trying something new”

Following Wimbledon time off was taken and Serena headed to San Jose without him in her camp.

Then at the US Open final it kicked off.

Serena was given a code violation for coaching which she was adamant she has never used and would never cheat.

Following the match her coach Patrick was interviewed court side within minutes of Osaka winning and he said he was coaching her.

Serena was asked about this and said she doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Serena has been speaking again this time to “The Sunday Project” in Australia and has said;

“I asked him (Mouratoglou) ‘what are you talking about you were coaching? We don’t have signals, we’ve never had signals”

From the outside it does look rocky but we will have to see what happens next.


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