Happiness, Emotion and Fight – Bernard Tomic’ week in Chengdu

Bernard Tomic ended his week almost in tears saying he has never been much happier than what he has done at the 250 event in Chengdu.

Bernard was ranked down at 250+ in May and is now guaranteed top 80 which means direct entry into the Australian Open where he was famously denied a wildcard at the beginning of the year.

He came through qualifying in Chengdu winning 7 matches in almost as many days and on route to his first title in a few years saved 5 match points, 4 of them being in the final!

I have to be honest I’m not a big fan of Bernard, he is super talented and deserves credit and will give it where it is due and that is now.

I have never felt that he completely wants it, he said at Wimbledon he was bored a few years ago. He hasn’t shown much commitment and maybe now he’s realising what he needs.

However his achievement this week is a lesson on never giving up and you saw what it meant to him and maybe that could push him on.

He’s been at the centre of plenty of controversy which he will never get away from but this achievement is an eye-opener and an opportunity going forward.

He has the game to be top 20, but does he want to work that hard for it? Now is that crucial time in his career!


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