Naomi Osaka still ‘trying to take her mind off’ her ‘bittersweet’ US Open win

Almost a month ago the Japanese star won her first Grand Slam title.

Grand Slam finals don’t get more dramatic than what happened at Flushing Meadows.

It seems so long ago now all that unfolded between Serena Williams and Carlos Moya during the final which exploded out of control with the crowd boo-ing throughout the presentations with Serena having to plea to them to stop and you could how bothered Naomi was by this as would anyone.

Like I said, this does feel like a long time ago but for Naomi Osaka it is still on her mind and she’s trying to take her mind off it which is mad to think this is her first major where she feels like this.

Naomi has always been open about how she feels and the way she opened up in Charleston just weeks after her win at Indian Wells and how she felt depressed.

She said the reason she probably did so well in Tokyo where she made the final was down to the fact she’s trying to move on from that win and she’s hoping she can do the same this week in Beijing.

A first major is meant to be full of delight and it is a shame to hear Naomi like this. I think it is fair to say there is no direct blame attached to Serena or Carlos for what happened but it is just a shame how it unfolded.


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